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This is the Report Paper from OCdt Matthew Telfser about the Subprime Mortgage Crisis.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

Economics – The Economic Challenges of Logistics

Ian Stewart 621
Presented to: Bernard Gagne
Economics 383-920-RE 00502
December 9, 2008



Non Economic Problems Involved with Logistics

Economic Problems Involved with Logistics




My personal field of interest is logistics. The Canadian Logistics Industry defines logistics as,”…the process of planning, implementing and controlling the flow and storage of goods and services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption.”  This can include things like accumulating and managing supplies, warehousing, transportation, finance, human resource management, and more.

Logistics is absolutely necessary for any business or operation to succeed. Logistics is also vital for military purposes. This report will show some examples of how logistics is directly related with economics. Almost everything involved in logistics has some economic aspects included in it. Here I will talk more about the following problems:

Non Economic Problems:

  1. Production Facilities
  2. Getting Workers
  3. Looking After Staff

Economic Problems:

  1. Warehousing and Storage Systems
  2. Transportation


  1. Production Facilities<
  2. Getting Workers<
  3. Looking After Staff<
  4. Warehousing and Storage Systems<
  5. Transportation<
  6. Mediagraphy on Logistics<
  7. Conclusion on Logistics<