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The Illicit Economy

By Bernard

This is the Report Paper from Mark Moffat about the Illicit Economy.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

Initiation a l'Economie Globale
Final report (7th)
“The Illicit Economy”
Mark Moffat
Group 502
Table of Contents

I- First Major economic problem: drugs
II- Second Major economic problem: weapons
III- 3 non-economic problems
IV- Mediagraphy


The objective of this report is to put in perspective the economic impacts and non-economic impacts of the illicit economy. The illicit economy consists of any sort of underground trade of illegal products and services, as well as fraudulent and deceptive acts that are out of the legal limits of the legitimate economy (money laundering, scamming, etc). Although some acts in the illicit economy are relatively innocent, aggregately they can amount to have considerable consequences, other acts such as the arms trade can have absolutely astonishing and grave impacts on economics, politics, humans, and other issues

The Illicit Economy:

  1. Human sufferance<
  2. Illicit economy and public transportation<
  3. Prostitution<
  4. Costs of ridding drugs acquired through the illicit market<
  5. Impact of illicit arms on country’s economies<
  6. Mediagraphy on the Illicit Economy<