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An Energy Greener Canada

By Bernard

This is the Report Paper from OCdt Matthew Telfser about the Subprime Mortgage Crisis.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

Initiation a l’Economie Globale


Final Report (7th)

“An energy greener Canada”

Keven Morin

Group 502

Table of contents:

Page 1: Title page
Page 2: Table of contents
Page 3: Introduction
Page 4: Three non-economic problems
Page 5-7: Two economic problems
Page 8: Conclusion
Page 9: Mediagraphy


Over the last few years the environment has become a leading concern for the Canadian public. The importance of the issue can be seen in all spheres of public life, from the last election campaign to the recent moves by the car industry. All this publicity and political banter is impressive, however, an important question remains, what is the possibility of replacing all, or the greatest possible amount, of the polluting sources of energy used in Canada with non-polluting and renewable sources of energy. This question has been raised countless times in the past few years; however, a definite answer has yet to be given. This report will try to answer this question.

An Energy Greener Canada:

  1. The environmental issue<
  2. The leadership issue<
  3. The political issue<
  4. The impact of a transition<
  5. The impact of reduction<
  6. Mediagraphy on a Greener Canada<
  7. Conclusion on a Greener Canada<