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Find partners, affiliates and testimonials

By Bernard

An important step to grow my business is developing my team which includes partners, affiliates and testimonials in order to help me in promoting my products and services.

In order to give customers confidence in my products and services I will need to collect testimonials from previous satisfied customers.  Therefore prior to this step I will require to complete the product, and than collect the testimonials.   This will also serve to reduce the perceived risk that goes with selling online.

I will also need to create partnerships and affiliates to help multiply the success of my business.  Partners serve to delegate tasks and affiliates will promote my products for rewarding compensation.

The plan I have to collect testimonials is to offer all friends and family a free copy of my e-book in return for feedback; feedback could be suggestions for improvement and / or testimonials on how the e-book helped them out so I can increase credibility of my product.  Also, the great thing about feedback is that it can allow me to take the suggestions and develop future products.