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Build a website

By Bernard

The second economic problem I am faced with is a 2 step problem; developing a website and getting the funding for the website.  Let me explain:

In order to create a “marketplace” and a way for customers to purchase products, services and learn about my company I will have to have a website.  According to the article “E-Commerce Spending off the Charts” written by Nicholas Carlson, American consumers bought into e-commerce in a big way during 2006, as online retail spending eclipsed $100 billion for the first time. 

What does this mean for my business?  Well quite simply put, the internet is an amazing channel for reaching customers and generating sales.  This shows us that consumers and society are getting more and more comfortable with the internet and are not afraid to spend online; good news for me.  It also means that geographic barriers will be reduced and I can serve people from all around the world as long as they have a credit card and an internet connection.

The website itself will be simple yet effective in design and allow me to get visitors email addresses so I can build a mailing list and begin a relationship with my customers.  I have looked at many different options and found many things I like in a website and others I do not.  Ryan Lee, a personal trainer and business coach explains in his book “The Millionaire Workout” that the following things are very important for an effective website:

  • Keep a basic and clean website template
  • Have a catchy headline to introduce your website and get peoples attention
  • Have an address and phone number on your site to build trust
  • Use clearly labelled buttons to make site navigation easy
  • Keep links easy to find; blue and underlined
  • Easy to read text on your website
  • Keep fonts and website styles consistent to make it appealing for your customers
  • Avoid complicated flash introductions and go straight to your home page
  • Keep your site light; minimize image sizes to make searching and page loading fast
  • Be selective to the amount of outside banners and advertisements you display
  • Have a way to obtain potential buyers email addresses

As I previously mentioned, I wanted to develop an Information Marketing business due to the minimal costs that are required to have a working business up and running.  The website itself will be one of the larger expenses.  This leads me into the second level of my problematic; finding funding or investors for my project.

Even though the costs are minimal, I still have some; purchasing software that will allow me to create websites efficiently and effectively.  The one I researched cost $200 and I was contemplating various ways to come up with money with velocity; ask someone to invest in my project and give them a cut.  The problem there however is that $200 is not exactly a large investment and them receiving a cut on profit may not make economical sense since an investor will benefit on my sales over a long period of time for a rather small, minimal risk investment.  I will inquire further into this and until then I will save my money to make the next big step.

The plan is to purchase website design software that allows me to create simple, nice looking and functional websites very easily and that will cost me approximately $200.  The software program that I have found is XsitePro2.  It makes website building fast and easy, allowing me to have many websites up and running in a few minutes.