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This is the Report Paper from Andreas Schabetsberger about an eBook.  Here are his original front page and table of contents.

Royal Military College Saint-Jean


Report #7

Presented For:

Mr. Bernard GagnePresented By:

Andreas Schabetsberger
B24 189 794


Table of Contents


The Non-economic Problems

The Economic Problems


Sources Used


A) Health Club Growth

B) Growth of E-Commerce

C) Emerging Trends


In this report I will be giving you an update on the progress I have made, the problems I have found and where my Information Product Marketing Business is heading.

My personal field of interest is business.  More precisely I want to develop an information marketing business for the following reasons:

  • I can work form anywhere and all I really need is a laptop and an internet connection
  • I can launch as many businesses as I want for minimal costs
  • My products can be electronic (E-books)
  • My customers can buy my products and services no matter where they live
  • Once I have great products and services, I can make money from those products 24 hours a day and seven days a week
  • I will build sources of generating passive income

The report overviews the non-economic and economic problems I have encountered thus far in my project as well as some that I see could pose a potential problem in the future.  Also, to support my findings I will present my research with statistical information.