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Conclusion on Childcare

By Bernard

Personal Reflection

This subject is of high interest to me, for two main reasons. Firstly, in 2003 I graduated from St. Lawrence College with a diploma in Early Childhood Education. Thus, I have personally experienced the stressful working conditions, low pay, and a general feeling of being undervalued by our government. Those reasons are a large part of why I am here, at CMR Saint-Jean, instead of still working at a childcare centre or nursery school. Although I am no longer in this field of work, I still have much concern for those who are, and feel that there still must be some improvements made as soon as possible.

The second reason that I am interested in this subject is because one day I plan on being a parent. If that comes to be a realization at some point down the line, then I would like to have a system in place that will look after the needs of my family. I need to know that my future children’s development is important to our government. I hope that soon, the childcare services industry will be representative of how valuable these children are to the future of our country.


From the research conducted for this report, one may take away a few key factors:

  • There is a definite need for an affordable, accountable, accessible childcare services industry in Canada.
  • Childcare professionals are generally underpaid and undervalued, and therefore in high demand.
  • The rates of childcare for parents can are too high in most provinces.
  • Although there are options for subsidized childcare fees, there is an overall lack of funding from the government.
  • The Canadian government needs to stand up and be accountable for families all across Canada, and show an interest in the development of our children, who are undoubtedly, the future of our country.

There is no doubt that the Canadian government has the best interests of Canadian’s in mind; however, in some instances this is not always evident. Surely there will come a day when the children will win the fiscal battle. It is simple a matter of when.