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Research Papers by my Students

By Bernard

In the Fall 2008 term, I have been teaching at the Royal Miltary College (RMC) of St.Jean.  I've been teaching the basic economic course according to the College Program in Québec.

I have been teaching to two of these groups in French the same that I have done during my carreer at Sherbrooke.  But I also have to teach in English for two groups in the RMC.  As for the teaching material, I had to choose two different reference books, but for the research reports, I was able to follow my usual pedagogy.

I had three periods per week with my students.  Two periods were in the classroom, with classical teaching and exams.  The other period was in a computer assisted laboratory.  This was the time for my student to begin their research and to ask for my help.

I had a very specific procedure for this lab.  Each student had to give back eight reports, six having a noted evaluation counting for 40% of the final result.  The details are included here.<

Finally, each student had been sending to me, using email, during the third month of the term (before week 12) a research report on a Word file,   I made a first, second, third... evaluation and at the end, a final evaluation of the report.

Most of these reports have a great value.  I'm editing them here.  Two remarks now:

  1. First, they are student officer in a military college.  So their subjects are much related to this fact and to their interests related to this fact.
  2. Second, these reports were given back to me in november 2008.  So, many things had happenned on these subjects;  don't be too critical!

Here are these research reports, some biejng in this book, others elsewhere on my website:

  1. Your research<
  2. The Airline Industry<
  3. Inflation<
  4. 4 Continents Restaurant<
  5. The Movie Industry<
  6. Tourism<
  7. Oil Depletion<
  8. Education<
  9. Military<
  10. The Subprime Mortgage Crisis<
  11. Problems of Today<
  12. Tourism Industry<
  13. Trucking<
  14. Childcare Services<
  15. The 2008 War in South Ossetia<
  16. An Energy Greener Canada<
  17. eBook<
  18. Logistics<
  19. Creating a Flight Training School<