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By Bernard

I started to teach officially at St. Patrick High School in Magog Qc, Canada, during my graduate studies. I had been teaching History and Geography, 12 periods per week, in the 8th and 9th grade. This was before the changes in Quebec Education. I had to leave this job to prepare for my exams.

After the end of my studies, I worked for five years as an economist. Then I chose to teach economics and I kept that job until I retired in 2003.

I started to write my lecture notes from my first year of teaching; later, I published my course notes at my own expenses for my students. Finally, at the end of the previous century, I published them on the web like paper: each page filled several screens, without too many ties: it was the time of the .HTM technlogy.

Around the year 2000, I republished them as .HTML pages, adding colors and hyperlinks. It was great ... for that times. I used them in my everyday teaching. After my retirement and my life in Asia, I forgot everything and my site also forgot me. My free server disappeared and my website too!

During my first week in Manila, in the Philippines, January 2010, I met a webmaster who built a new site for me, on which I transposed my notes, of which I obviously kept a copy, even several copies. In 2013, I decided to split this original site based on the language, giving the new site .FR exclusively in French.

Here are other preliminary remarks to complete this foreword:

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